About Kate

Pear Studies, Original Dry Brush Watercolor

Kate is a full time painter, whose commute to work is through her vegetable and flower garden.  She maintains a studio behind her home in the middle of the village of Middlebury, Vermont, where she has lived and painted since 1991. Her portraits and paintings hang in public and private collections across the United States and abroad.

In 1998, Kate created the illustrations for Amanda Hesser’s Cook Book, The Cook and the Gardener. Her illustrations have appeared in Horticulture Magazine, Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine and Vermont Magazine.  Noted garden designer Gordon Hayward used Kate’s work in his book Art and the Gardener. Kate received a Vermont Community Foundation Grant in 2000 to develop a set of botanical illustrations of some of the endangered plant species of Vermont. She has been recognized by the Garden Writers Association of America with their Quill and Trowel Award of Excellence for her illustrations.

Still Life with Lemons, Original Oil on Panel

Along with organic gardener Judy Stevens of Golden Russet Farm and Barbara Ganley of Digital Explorations and Open View Gardens, Kate launched the garden to kitchen column Patchwork: Three Gardens, Many Kitchens in the Addison Independent, a twice weekly newspaper, in 2010.

Kate serves on the Board of Directors of the Middlebury Natural Foods Coop.

7 Responses to About Kate

  1. Sandy Helm says:

    Great Blog!!! And so glad to see some of your painting work here as well. Beautiful!

    • Kate says:

      Thank you for your kind words… Do you ever come East…. ? I would love to catch up in person! Do you have a garden? Pictures? It would be fun to share.

  2. Aaren says:

    Hi Kate,

    Nini pointed me to your blog and it is lovely. I love botanical painting and all things gardening and homesteading, so we are probably kindred spirits. Enjoy the spring! We are still under snow here at my farm, but patches of the earth are opening up.

    *Aaren, Saratoga, NY

    • Kate says:

      I hope we’ll get to meet sometime. Nini told me abut YOU. Thank you for looking and reading…. let me know when the snow goes — my garden is still mostly covered with snow, and I am gazing often at the plants under the lights because that is where there is actually some fresh green.

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  4. Kate, saw your mother at the Cos Club last week and she told me about your blog — so glad to find it! Love the photo of the rhubarb plant “run amok!” Best to you all. xx A

    • Kate says:

      John and I would love to see you sometime! My mother bought us your latest book as our 25th wedding anniversary present. We are looking forward to it.
      It would be good to catch up with you on your latest ventures (family included).
      Tale care. xx, K

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